Personal and Professional Coaching

Feeling like you've plateaued?  That you have unrealized potential in your professional life?  Or that you have your nose pressed up against the glass but just can't reach your personal goals?   


I can help.  I meet you where you are to help you get to where you want to be.  Starting with practical, pragmatic coaching that recognizes your reality to give you  immediate benefits and ratcheting you up for future success.

Coach Fleet

Fundamentally my approach is to start with the fact that you are not going to change.  


However most of what we think of as "who we are" is actually just habits and momentum.  Your true self is animated by a core set of values and drivers that motivate you at an animal level.  You also have a set of intellectually derived ambitions and long term desired outcomes.  


The problem most people have is that their goal setting focuses on the latter without taking into account the former.  If your goals are incompatible with your core drivers then you will fail.  

If this sounds like something real and not just a lot of hippy dippy BS, then please schedule some time for us to chat and determine if there is a mutual fit.   Good Luck!